Fitness should be a way of life. It should be a routine one follows regularly and something which we do each day, every day. For staying fit and healthy, firstly it is important to have an exercise and diet regime. Our food intake should be well thought of and carefully chosen. This is in keeping with certain factors like age, weight, height et al.

If a person is over a certain age, it is best to limit the intake of too many fats. Taking in water and fluids should be increased, especially during warm weather. Our diet should comprise fresh fruits and vegetables in good proportion. Also, for cooking, it is best to use a given amount of salt and oil. Oily or starchy foods should be avoided. As should those food items which have too many spices or sugar.

Nowadays, there is a practice of eating six times a day, not four. But the quantity of food we take in at each time should be no more than what fits in a fist. Fist-sized meals are considered the ideal amount of food during each meal. In addition, caution should be exercised about not eating too much of red meat, or taking too many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. These can be consumed, but in limits.

Then is the issue of physical exercise. One can take to walking a few kilometres each day, or doing yoga and meditation for half hour to one hour on a daily basis. Other options are aerobics, dancing, swimming and cycling et al. Mentally too, one should stay active and fit. It is essential to be so both physically as well as spiritually too.

One can do some form of mental activity like reading or listening to soothing music for de-stressing. Try to have a few stress-busters at hand to help you tide over the blues. When one is feeling down and out, one can take time out for them. These could be aromatherapy with some natural oils, or soothing lotions and creams for applying on the face and body, or even taking up buddhist or vedic verses chanting. One can even fight our downtimes by hobby development and cultivation like gardening, or even collecting coins and stamps, or even learning to play a musical instrument.

For an able mind and body, it is necessary to have an active lifestyle. Never should one let health ills like depression and anxiety take over our lives and times. Also, after crossing a certain age, try to keep getting vital parameters like blood glucose and thyroid levels checked and in control. Ladies should keep their gynaecological parameters in check and have themselves treated if there are any signs of pending diseases come by.
Overall, our health is in our hands. If we neglect to take good care of our mind and body, it will start showing up more sooner than later. Hence, it is best to not let fitness become a mania with you, but keep a strict vigil on your exercise and dietary requirements.

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