Physical activity and fitness are extremely essential aspects of a healthy life. An able body with well tuned muscles and strong bones is the secret of fine fitness. This, in turn, translates into fewer trips to the doctor and contributes to good living with no or less of disease and malaise.

A fit body is like a well-oiled machine. It works with no creaks or problems and requires very little maintenance or upkeep in the form of medicines or therapies.

Fitness, too, is a word whose meaning should be made clear. It could be mental, physical or spiritual fitness. For a mind and body which work well, all three forms of fitness should be in working order. Mental fitness comes with a peaceful mind which has no conflicting issues residing in it. Physical fitness comes from a body with piece parts which are in total working order. Spiritual fitness comes with a person whose soul is filled with quietude and positivity towards one and all. It is a soul in which the true love of God is centred.

For physical fitness, one should be in active working condition at most points in time other than when one is resting. This stems from exercising and exercising a good diet regime in which one takes in food items which agree with the body systems. They do not accumulate as unnecessary fat here and there. In place, they are stored as substances which can be broken down easily to release a specific given amount of energy for whichever chore one is going to do.

Attaining physical fitness, too, requires a certain level of discipline in our daily chores and activities. Too much sedentary work will deter you from attaining physical fitness. Also, an unhealthy lifestyle with habits of smoking, drinking too much or taking drugs are big no-nos for attaining a fit mind and soul. Keeping late hours, eating a lot of fast food or having a diet full of oily or spicy food, will put a spoke in all fitness plans.

Exercising like even talking a brisk walk for a few kilometres, or jogging or running some, yoga, aerobics, zumba workout, gymming – all are wondrous activities which charge up our cells and energise the fine fibre of our physical and spiritual selves. If we are physically fit, we feel good, look good, and act good. On the flip side, if we are tired out physically, or feeling drained and unwell, it gives an overall feeling of `all is not right with our world.’

A body which is in good condition will lead to happy thoughts and an energetic and lively nature. One tends to be all bubbly and pumped up if we are physically tuned up. This will help in releasing the so-termed `good hormones’ into our blood stream to help us feel even better. We will be able to put in more and productive working hours into our system. Which bodes well for us. And that is exactly what we are looking out for. Is it not?

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