Health keeps you awakened and nurtured. Health which is the over-riding force of your lives. Health which holds you straight and makes you become healthy enough to do things in life. Seldom, a person, starts many projects under the light of tasting new things, but meanwhile, their weak limbs and malnourished body doesn’t support them till the long run.
Even the corporate world, the many authority heads take care of their employer’s well-being. They very well, know that health of the employers is the ‘part & parcel’ to good wealth to them.
Even in the education world, where a certain attention is given to the students and their health. A student happen to go through a lot of stress, emotional break downs, psychological doom and a lot of new experience at a time, that’s the reason a student needs to learn how to relax and give time to his health. Thus, even in the schools & colleges, a special care is taken in this respect.

Thus, lets browse all the sectors which emphasize the need to keep this fact alive in the 21st century – Health is Wealth

1. The Corporate Sector

The research done by the Statistics Canada in 2014, which states that extended presenteeism causes the loss of productivity which was 7.5 times than that from the absenteeism. Also, the health activities for the employers in the firms are the health scans, reimbursements and gym memberships.
Even in Google, the people are provided with many health care facilities, like the co-founder Sergey Brin commanded once to his architects and office designers that “No one should be more than 200 feet away from the food”. Along with this, the onsite haircuts, nap pods and the complimentary laundry, all signal towards one thing, that the Google doesn’t want their employees to leave the workplace and feel at home.

2. The Education Sector

There are counselling cells and yoga & spiritual health departments for every student in the schools & colleges. They focus on the mental as well as the physical health of them. The physical exercises like the rumba, dancing, yoga and other body exercising are focused on here. Also, the importance of spirituality is also one thing which is required for the student who are facing a lot of competition, insecurities and experiences in one day.

3. At Your Own Houses!

Yes, that’s an essential one too. A place where you live should be healthy and positive and not be surrounded with the negative people. To gain your equilibrium you need to indulge in creating a positive environment for yourself or being self-reliant in every aspect.

4. Be it any Generation, Health will be the truly earned Wealth!

Thus, be it any part of the time, or century, health is going to be our wealth, it’s a very pervasive concept which needs our quick vigilance and attention. Health is the one thing which needs our full support and love. So nurture your mental and physical health with the good things which will in turn enrich the life.

Thus, these are the quick pointers which make this quote enliven with vigor that – health is wealth even in the 21st century.

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